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Credit check is the specialist in collecting outstanding debts

You have delivered a product or service, but payment remains outstanding. A very annoying situation for you, as collecting outstanding debts costs a lot of time and energy. Time and energy you would rather spend on other things. Creditcheck is the specialist in collecting outstanding debts (invoices) and is happy to take this off your hands. We do this with respect for your relationship and your wallet.

Creditchecken offers a national and international debt collection service. Our service extends beyond the Netherlands. We have built up an international network of collection and legal partners, which means that the 'defaulter' is always dealt with locally. This is more effective because the person or company is approached in their own language and the laws and regulations of the country are taken into account.

Creditchecken helps you in paying unpaid invoices

When you fail to get paid unpaid invoices, Creditchecken is happy to help. Clients turn to us when they no longer see any possibility of completing payment. We always try to collect the amount without going to court. We do this successfully. 92% of our cases are successfully concluded in the amicable procedure.

In the event that an amicable collection process proves ineffective, a (pre)judicial collection process is an option. Naturally, we will provide you with advice on this. If you decide to go to court. If so, we can also take care of this process for you.

Creditchecken works on a no cure, no pay basis

Creditchecken works on a no cure, no pay basis. This means that if we are unable to collect anything for you, you will not incur any costs. This is because the legal collection costs must be settled by the debtor. A major advantage of this is that you can start collection proceedings with much more certainty, because you will not be faced with additional high costs if no collection has taken place.

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