1. Credit information

Real-time credit information.

All over the world.

We provide you with the right credit information

Creditchecken offers you the opportunity to easily and quickly check the creditworthiness of your (potential) customers, suppliers, partners or business relations worldwide. You will get all judicial and financial information directly online and transparent.

We offer you two options for obtaining credit information. You can request a one-time credit report from your relationship. In addition, it is possible to continuously monitor your selected relationships, where you are informed when important changes take place.

Our database is updated 24 hours a day and this way you will be automatically, by email, informed of any important change of the selected relationship(s).

Prevent payment risks and defaulters

Creditchecken makes it possible to check (potential) customers, suppliers, partners or business relations in advance. You assume a good and long-term cooperation. This is only possible if both parties can fulfill their obligations. You provide the product or service and the other party takes care of the payment. By requesting a credit report in advance or by carrying out continuous monitoring, payment risks and defaulters are prevented.

Check more than 450 million companies worldwide

The trade and credit information of Creditchecken gives a clear and sharp image of the creditworthiness of no less than 450 million companies worldwide. Information and insights about these companies can be obtained through credit reports or our monitoring tool. This makes international business even easier and safer. Did you know that based on our data we can predict 80% of bankruptcies in advance through our score model?

Did you know that in certain 25% of cases, non-payment is the cause of the bankruptcy of a company?

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