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Credit reports

Conducting business with certainty.

Customized credit reports.

Creditcheck offers you the ability to retrieve essential trade information instantly online and turn it into credit reports. A comprehensive credit report gives you all legal and financial information about your customers, competitors, suppliers, partners or other business relations. With 1 press of a button, you get insight into your relation's financial status and creditworthiness. Think about; what your relation can maximally spend, how your relation pays other companies and the current figures. This allows you to minimise financial risks and the risk of non-payment and allows you to make more sound business decisions.

Besides a financial assessment, a credit report also describes other issues, such as:

  • The corporate structure;
  • Negative media reports;
  • The company's developments and how it performs compared to similar companies.


Basic information

General business information, contact information, executive leaders, and business activities.

Group structure

Overview of the structure of the company.

Credit score & credit limit

How is the company evaluated based on payment behavior and liquidity.

Payment dates

How well or poorly has the company paid so far?

Financial statements

Financial information, such as the balance sheet, income statement and ratios.

Bankruptcy information

Information on moratoriums, debt restructurings and bankruptcies.

Did you know that in at least 25% of cases, non-payment is the cause of a company's bankruptcy?


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