Our database is updated 24 hours a day

Recent research has shown that about 68% of defaults originate from regular customers. Creditcheck offers the solution: the risk register. Our database is updated 24 hours a day and so you are automatically informed, by e-mail, of any significant change in the selected relationship(s).

We are happy to advise you to keep track of your customers, competitors, suppliers, partners or other business relations. You can organise your relations according to a risk profile and divide this into folders. Here, you can indicate yourself what should be monitored and how intensively you want to be kept informed of developments within this circle of relations.

How does it work?

You can click on "add to risk register" in the report. If you want to enter a large customer database at once without requesting a report, you can import your desired customer database into our system at the click of a button.

Why choose us?


All companies in the risk register are checked for creditworthiness 24/7 for you, saving you time and money.


Export the changes and import them into your software, thus keeping your accounting and other programmes up-to-date as well.


You also get updates on positive changes, now your sales team can respond to positive developments faster.

Did you know that the majority of defaults often come from regular customers?


First, run a free data check now and receive a comprehensive analysis report on the records provided.